Against Modern Football

There’s a seemingly ever growing campaign against the issues and excesses of modern football. This is most popularly seen through the excellent magazine, though the banner of “Against Modern Football” is a wide While it’s unlikely we’ll all agree with every single case made against ‘modern’ football, it’s hard not to feel sympathy with many of the arguments made.

While we think that being against modern football is a new thing, this article from 1902’s Burnley Express illustrates that being against modern football, isn’t very…. well… modern at all.


The article decries the lack of local players within the clubs competing in the recent FA Cup Final. While the influx of foreigners is a relatively new thing in the Football League (it was effectively banned until 1978), teams like Accrington fielded teams made up entirely of Scotsmen in the 1950s.

One thing for sure, modern football is never going away, and neither is being against it. #amf

Article: British Newspaper Archive: Burnley Gazette, Wedenesday April 20th 1902.



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