The seven best European football podcasts

There have never been as many options for the casual listener in the football podcasting world. Most of the podcasts tend to involve three (normally blokes) chatting and bantering away about (normally Premier League) football. So, it’s nice to see podcasts covering a slightly wider range of topics.

Here are our top seven (in no particular order).

Russian Footbal Network Podcast – with the World Cup being held in Russia during 2018 it may be time for you to brush up on your Russian football knowledge. What better place to start than here.

French Football Weekly – One of the best English language websites covering a foreign country, they also have an informative podcast. Impress your mates by knowing about Newcastle’s latest Gallic signing by listening to this.

FIE Podcast – during the 2016/2017 season this podcast earned many plaudits. Covering all ares of European football, they’re just trying to work out a funding model to see if they can produce it again for the 2017/2018 season.

CalcioLand Pod – If you like your football presented from a cafe by a punning James Richardson drinking a coffee then perhaps Calcio Land is the podcast for you. This pod focuses on Serie A but also includes some interesting subjects related to journalism.

Talking Fussball – If currywurst, beer and a season ticket all for under 100 Euros is your thing then perhaps the Bundesliga is for you. Talking Fussball is probably the most high profile of all German football podcasts. The team behind this pod has been producing podcasts on the subject for many years.

The Finnish Football Show – The Escape to Suomi website has been running for many years and the writer of this very site is involved in a Finnish Football Show. If you want to know your Litmanen’s from your Jussi Jääskeläinens then this may be the podcast for you.

Nordic Football Podcast – Also in Scandanavia (and we’ll avoid the thorny subject of whether Finland is truly Scandanavia or not) we have the Nordic Football Pod. Yes, the Nordic Pod does sound like somewhere a hipster obsessed by frugal living would reside, but it’s actually a podcast that claims to cover football in Sweden and Norway.


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