Barnet’s old Underhill home auctioned off

It’s a familiar tale. A football club leaves its ground, only for it to be replaced by housing. Barnet FC recently moved out of their Underhill home and now play their matches at the Hive. This week it was announced that the fixtures and fittings of their ground are for auction.

So, if you fancy some seating, turnstiles or floodlights then you know what to do. Email Tom at Sports Ground Development.

It’ll be interesting to know if the floodlights can be re-used by another football club, or whether there is some industrial usage that could be applied to a set of 18m floodlight pylons.

It’s a common occurance in non-league football for different parts of the ground to be re-used elsewhere. Stoke City’s old scoreboard is now used at Southern League Farnborough. Seats from demolished grounds are often transported around the country to help non-league clubs fulfill FA ground grading criteria.

One of the odder stories concerning seats being re-purposed elsewhere comes from Spelthorne Sports who play under the shadow of Heathrow in the Combined Counties League. Their seats came from the Aquatic Centre used in the London 2012 Olympics. The stand itself is a beautiful home-made wooden construction containing the 50 or so seats that have seen some great football over the past 12 months (in addition to Michael Phelps and Rebecca Adlington’s exploits!)

Blogpost on Spelthorne Sports can be found here:


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